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DriverPack Solution 2016 Is worth updating Windows Drivers?

Well the most painful thing in computer user life is to update it’s windows hardware drivers. Commonly it is believed to keep a backup copy of windows drivers at your disposal. If you failed to create a backup copy of your computer drivers then you have to install driver updater software for that matter.driverpack solution

Driver Pack Solution version 16

Driver Pack solution 16 is considered to be the best free driver updater tool for upgrading all outdated windows drivers. Other versions of this applications were Driver Pack solution 15 & driver pack solution 14 respectively. If you are looking for alternative to driverpack solution . Then you should give driver Genius Pro 16 a try. To download a complete full version driver pack you can also burn this on DVD or USB .

Driverpack solution really works for updating graphics drivers, sound drivers, Ethernet drivers, LAN, Printers and many more. You can also get the quick here

Is DRP Supports Windows XP Drivers

Windows XP service Pack 3 is still used by people and they love to install and upgrade their windows drivers from the application. The important thing in this application that whenever the latest and upated version is available by the manufacture site it is there fore available for the free download full version.

How do I Monitor CPU Temp Using Advanced CPUID Hwmonitor

There are lot of application around internet which offers you to monitor computer hardware temperature. Among those best free cpu temp monitoring applications which can be installed on Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windwos 7 / Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Hwmonitor Pro

HWmonitor is Best Free Reliable CPU Temp Monitor

CPUID Hwmonitor is well know temperature monitoring application based on windows. It is used to monitor advanced CPU & GPU Temperatures across the Computer or laptop. Before we start discussing Hwmontior. You should first visit the link for Hwmonitor Download

This is the place where you can get the CPUID Hwmonitor, the application is tested before upload and free from viruses, Trojans, Spyware, & Malware etc.

So let’s began with the CPU Temperature, the first question does come in my mind what is the acceptable CPU Temperature. The answer to this question is it depends on your computer hardware, what temp a manufacturer determined about the hardware.

In my case I have Dell Latitude Laptop the manufacturer determined my highest temp for the laptop is 105 degree Centigrade. So currently my CPU Temp is around 50 degree. To some people it might high, but it is normal temperature. You should be thinking about at what temperature will a CPU melt or overheat this is great question. I tried to overheat one of my computer it melt and overheat upon 100 Degrees. So better to keep on average CPU temperature.

Why Choosing Hwmonitor

The reason behind choosing Hwmonitor for recording or keeping an eye on CPU Temp. It is best computer temperature software since 2013 and onward. Among other program it is considered to be the best core temp. People asked me about can hwmonitor CPU temperature be wrong? The answer is yes it can be wrong but it almost shows accurate data to display GPU an CPU Temp.

You always need a program to look into the current Temp. You can not see the CPU Temperature in windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10.

What should be My CPU Temperature During Playing Games

All games lover love to play games without thinking about core temperature. Mostly Computer temp arises when you play games non stop. There are two thing you should keep in mind before playing games for long time. The first thing is to blow up dust and dirt from your computer. There are two thing which you should also note most graphics cards gives information about CPU and GPU. To keep things normal for example your manufacturer determined the max CPU temp let’s say 100 degree. You should keep all things normal just to keep your computer below the 100 degrees.

How To Read Hwmonitor

Reading temperature from Hwmonitor is a tricky part. You need to do is to only keep on eye on Hwmonitor core temp. The other main thing how do i use hwmonitor it is simple sharp and sweet application to run. As mentioned above you only need to look at core temp.

What are the Alternative to Hwmonitor

This is interesting topic what are the alternative to hwmonitor. There are pretty good alternative to hwmonitor available for free and paid download. Such as HWinfo, Core Temp, Real Temp and many more. Being a best computer hardware temperature monitoring application I suggest you to install this app and you wont uninstall this for long time.

DirectX 11 Drivers Free Download For Windows 7 & 8

Download Directx 11 Microsoft run time for windows xp/7/8/10. Get offline installer standalone setup for games drivers from Microsoft for windows 32 – 64 Bit PC.

Directx 11 Microsoft DirectX 11 Overview

Microsoft Directx 11 drivers are one of the essential drivers likely searched by games lovers. For most of the PC games it is mandatory to install directx 11 drives on PC to smoothly playing of games. This is not a latest you can also find Direct x 12 which one is the latest. Most advanced GPU like Nvidia and ATI which supports direct x11 seamless playing of online games.

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Dell Inspiron N5510 Drivers For Windows 7 64 Bit

Key Features of Direct x 11

  • Easy to install
  • Smooth rendering of games
  • Play PC games
  • Helps on other software


Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 ( SP3 ) ISO

Windows XP professional Sp3 free download in ISO format. Windows XP professional  service pack 3 is one of the mostly used operating system from Microsoft cooperation.


Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

Windows xp is one of the best operating system launched by Microsoft cooperation. Win XP has released in 2000 that has won the hearts of customers. The interactive design of windows xp has been improved from it’s previous version MS windows 98. It comes in Service Pack 2 and service Pack 3 version.

Windows xp sp3

Improved features and performance from it’s previous versions like improved UI elements fast internet via 100MB LAN network. At those times windows xp was not endurable it has been protected by the internal security added by Microsoft. Here you can upgrade windows xp to windows 7 Moreover you can add other internet security and antivirus software to give additional protection layer for your OS. AVG and Macafee was one of the best antivirus software’s at those times. Taking about media player windows xp has been drastically reshape the windows with clear and improved media player options and feature built in windows 8 media player rocks with features and options inherit in windows xp download.

Key Features of Windows XP Service Pack 3

Below are the key features of Windows XP Professional Sp3

  • Improved UI elements.
  • Enhanced security from it’s previous version.
  • Create bootable CD to install.
  • Built in security system were introduced.
  • Internet explorer has been reshaped and enhanced.

Smadav 2016 Antivirus Review

Smadav 2016 free download latest version for windows XP/7/8/10. Offline installer setup direct download link of Smadav 2016 for windows 32-64 Bit PC.

Smadav 2016 Antivirus Review

Smadav 2016 Antivirus Free Download Review

Smadav 2016 antivirus is new name in industry with cool features and options given by the developers. Taking about the antivirus you might know this name, recently smadav has grown and outreach the market with influencing software name SMADAV. The review of smadav software is great, it is light weight application can work with other software well.

When I come to know about Smadav 2016 antivirus software I think that this is another crap software available in market. But when I installed this on my machine to give it a shot. I Surprised about the way it is installed, and it has user friendly interface with nice options at the top menu inside Smadav antivirus.

It is efficient in picking the threats, viruses , malware spyware adware and Trojans from your computer. The other thing which i like in this antivirus it take very minimum system resources to operate. The Real time protection feature is handy you are all the time get protect against online threats. The scanning mode when you click it has quick and deep scanning mode . Smadav 2015 free download

The quick scanning mode can quickly finds out the potential threats from your PC and the deep scanning takes time and pick all threats from your computer. The state of the art scanning engine can scans your computer in just couple of minutes. The last thing I want to say about this antivirus software you can try smadav if you are not using any other security application on your Computer. You can ask questions related to Smadav 2016 there is free forum available from the developers of smadav 2016


Key Features of Smadav 2016

Below are the noticeable feature of Smadav 2016

  • Free antivirus.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Work in collaboration with other security programs.
  • Multi language support.
  • Light on System Resources.
  • Real time Protection.

Super Anti Spyware – Best Anti Spyware Application for Your PC

Super Anti Spyware free download latest version for your Microsoft windows XP/7/8/10. Get offline installer setup direct high speed download link of Super anti spyware.

Super anti spyware free download Review

Well the most obvious thing is when using computer is security. The security is the first place when you aware one day about your computer is infected with spyware, malware, Trojans, worms etc. There are lot of solutions in the market available to secure your computer and Laptops from threats.

Super antispyware is free to use application which is perfect tool against all potential threats. Once you installed this on your computer you will be presented with user friendly interface, which you can eaisly navigate through it’s features and options under displayed later.

Super anti spyware interface

The above screen shot shows the interface of super anti spyware program. The first box shows the Scan this computer, this tab tell about the automated or manual scanning done on your PC. The Next Box is System Tools, which tells you about explore and repair this PC. The Bottom three tabs show the Real time protection feature is enabled or not. To ensure maximum protection you need Real Time Protection feature enabled from the application. The Next tab shows about scheduled scanning is enabled. This feature of Superantispyware comes handy when you have no time for scanning PC. You apply Schedule scan feature inside the application. The Last but not least the automatic updates, this helps us to get auto updates regarding application. Superantispyware free download

Superantispyware has latest version and you can get professional subscription by spending little amount. The data base version of Super anti spyware program is 11437.

Key Feature of Super anti spyware

Below are the key feature of super anti spyware application.

  • Easy to use
  • Free edition available.
  • Support all windows OS
  • Real time protection against threats.
  • Online updates check.
  • Schedule your scanning.

Dell Inspiron N5110 Drivers For Windows 7 64 Bit

Searching for the right Dell drivers now ends with Dell Inspiron N5110 driver for windows 7 64bit. When we install latest operating system on our computer or laptop. we always need hardware drivers to run properly. From the beginning of the technology developers thought about connecting drivers of hardware.

Microsoft Windows 7 has it’s built  in functionality to add drivers of hardware to computer. The developers also provide latest version of hardware drivers to run operating system smooth and sound.

Dell has introduced it’s state of the art inspiron series, and one of the popular hardware was N5110. When users install new version of operating system on it’s computer often times windows unable to install latest up to data drivers. For this you need always to manually install dell N5110 drivers. There are certain websites where you can download latest up to date version of Dell Inspiron N5110 drivers.

Dell Inspiron N5110 Drivers

Advantages of downloading drivers from developer site

There are various advantages of downloading drivers from developers sites. The main advantage is you always got latest drives. All the drivers can be updated in real time. Dell N5110 drivers are downloaded in high speed and virus free.

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download driver dell inspiron n5110 windows 7 64 bit




Speed Up your computer using Ccleaner Filehippo For Windows 8

If you are experiencing slow system performance, and you are tried various methods how to increase your computer speed, and found no results. Now wait ends, I am going to share a beautiful software name Ccleaner. This is great piece of software with handy features that support users in all way.

Ccleaner Filehippo ReviewCcleaner Filehippo Overview

This is all in one PC optimization software made by Priform USA. This is most widely used and trusted application through out the world. All your PC related issues has been solved by Ccleaner Filehippo. Priform Ccleaner pc optimization software has been given an award by PC adviser PCworld & Cnet. They are claiming over 1 Billion downloads world wide.


 Why Should I install PC ccleaner

There are variety of features and reasons to install Ccleaner often times we are victim of slow computer performance due to USB viruses Trojan, adware, malwares etc. The reason behind this scene is every one in office home tries to connect his or her USB drive into our computer USB port. Which results into infection and slow computer performance.


Does it make my PC Faster?

Yes off course it makes your PC faster after installing your will experience a significant change in your PC performance. It removes all junk materiel, adware, viruses Trojans and make your computer brand new.


 Safe Browsing

Due to virus infection your browsing might be at risk. Hackers always tries to take advantage of vulnerable systems. After running quick scan of Priform Ccleaner filehippo your browsing will not be at risk. You can safely browse after cleaning infection from system.

Experience Quick Startup

Experience quick startup of your windows no matter what version of operating system you are using. This is why because it remove infected files from system startup. The better way to startup and faster windows opening. This works well with Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10.


System Requirements of Ccleaner Filehippo

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10.
  • Memory: 512 MB.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB Free.
  • Processor: P4 or higher

What is IGCSE/GCSE and where would you get its past papers

IGCSE is the abbreviated form of International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

This is an international curriculum offered by various boards like Edexcel and Cambridge, Generally for 14-16 years old. This education is offered outside England and many schools offer this as it held equivalent to the national education. Over 70 subjects offered in this curriculum and the number is constantly growing in number. These courses are gaining popularity and greater number of people is attracted towards it.

This is also recognized by governments as equivalence certificates are given from education departments of the state that is a sign of its acception and recognition.

It is very advantageous as you can further pursue education you would get admission in the next 2 year program easily. This would help then get admission in university and then surely a better job.

For getting good grades and pursue in this education successfully you would need to get your concepts clear by revising regularly and then attempt past papers.

The best websites to download past papers are :



Aol Papers Edexcel Igcse / Cambridge IGCSE O Level

Igcse Centre



Top websites for students to get their revision material & Past Papers

Students nowadays suffer from getting useful or relevant information quickly. We have searched a lot of websites and came with some relevant websites.

O Level/IGCSE or an A Level student would usually want information in form of past papers, worksheets or some revision notes. Finding them is not an easy task.

Websites for downloading Revision material

Before doing any thing else a student should revise his work from good revision notes. You must have your own revision notes but should welcome infoemation coming from other ways as well. The best way to receive information is  and if you know the best working site to download papers for you then internet is not comparable with something else. We came across some good websites on the internet that would definitely help students in one way or the other for past papers. Revision Notes


Websites for Downloading Free Past Papers

Past papers are an important part of revision and contribute greatly in revision of the subject in an efficient way. This is because past exam papers judge a student of where do they stand as students attempt past papers practice after revision of the course. Topical past papers also help equaly a student to get good practice in a certain specific chapter past papers.

The top 4 websites are



Aol Papers

Igcse Centre

The best Practice is that students should revise their course or a chapter and then complete the past papers, after that check the answers against mark schemes Past papers.