Top websites for students to get their revision material & Past Papers

By | December 22, 2015

Students nowadays suffer from getting useful or relevant information quickly. We have searched a lot of websites and came with some relevant websites.

O Level/IGCSE or an A Level student would usually want information in form of past papers, worksheets or some revision notes. Finding them is not an easy task.

Websites for downloading Revision material

Before doing any thing else a student should revise his work from good revision notes. You must have your own revision notes but should welcome infoemation coming from other ways as well. The best way to receive information isĀ  and if you know the best working site to download papers for you then internet is not comparable with something else. We came across some good websites on the internet that would definitely help students in one way or the other for past papers. Revision Notes


Websites for Downloading Free Past Papers

Past papers are an important part of revision and contribute greatly in revision of the subject in an efficient way. This is because past exam papers judge a student of where do they stand as students attempt past papers practice after revision of the course. Topical past papers also help equaly a student to get good practice in a certain specific chapter past papers.

The top 4 websites are



Aol Papers

Igcse Centre

The best Practice is that students should revise their course or a chapter and then complete the past papers, after that check the answers against mark schemes Past papers.



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