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Astrill VPN
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One-Click VPN connect, Hundreds of fastest VPN servers in 50+ countries.

Download Astrill VPN for Windows PC

Safe & Secure Astrill VPN Free download version files. Compatible with Windows PC 7, 8.1, 10 & 11 32/64-bit OS.

Astrill VPN Review

Astrill VPN offers you protection to protect your privacy when browsing the Internet. Hide your IP address and access the Internet freely through a proxy. Your online identity is safe with this free VPN. With the full version of Astrill, you can access the Internet without having to expose yourself in any manner.

Astrill VPN download for Windows

That is achieved thanks to its network of servers which, distributed all over the world, provide us with proxies to connect through them when going online. That means that your IP is hidden behind the server’s address and your computer is out of the reach of anyone trying to trace your steps.

Connect to VPN with one click

Astrill VPN application has one big ON/OFF button and all settings fit into a conveniently small window. Super easy to use.

Site and app filter

Choose which applications and which websites go through VPN connection and which go through your actual IP through your ISP.

Smart mode

Tunnel only international websites through VPN and let local websites be accessed directly with your real IP for faster browsing.

OpenWeb, StealthVPN and Wireguard

The best Astrill protocols for the fastest VPN experience and absolute invisibility are available only with our software.

VPN sharing

Share a VPN connection using your PC with other devices on your network. No extra hardware or VPN router needed. VPNs can be shared from Windows, Mac, and Linux PC/Laptop with other devices like smart-phones, game consoles, and Smart TVs.

Kill Switch and App Guard

Worried about leaking your real IP when VPN disconnects? Astrill VPN will block the Internet for selected applications when VPN drops to protect you.

P2P Support

All servers marked with a star are ready and optimized to be used with P2P such as torrents, Spotify or VoIP apps

Fix DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leaks

Some VPN apps will leak your real location through DNS, IPv6, or WebRTC technology. Astrill fixes all such leaks

Astrill VPN Latest Version

  • Speedtest: Search box for servers
  • Speedtest: other minor fixes
  • Improved DNS set on linux

Astrill VPN Version

  • UI crash on Debian Buster when using Site Filter
  • Fix app startup after app crash
  • Dedicated IP change port/protocol

Astrill VPN Version

  • server selection from popup/tray menu.
  • stuck state when quickly disconnecting from Wireguard
  • Speed test cannot run if VPN is connected

Astrill VPN Version

  • macOS: 64-bit support (macOS 10.15 Catalina requirement)
  • linux: PATH fix on Debian
  • Session terminated handling
  • macOS: Chrome support with OpenWeb
  • OpenWeb protocol reliability improved
  • other minor fixes

Astrill VPN Version

  • OpenWeb sometimes terminated sessions
  • macOS: tray icon on transition uses lots of CPU
  • linux: fixed issue with OpenWeb and Chrome not sending traffic through VPN
  • linux: fixed text color of login edit boxes and tips window
  • linux: fix duplicate routes with OpenWeb
  • macOS: routing consistency with OpenWeb
  • issue with accessing SVN over OpenWeb
  • OpenVPN TCP connection would break by too big packets
  • linux: OpenWeb Smart mode broken when local DNS cache is used
  • use consitent MTU meaning across application and for all VPN protocols
  • wait for LAN connection before trying to connect to VPN
  • Reconnect after sleep/hibernate
  • macOS: detect resume from sleep (OpenWeb)
  • multiple Speedtest improvements (accurate ping, smoother animation, other minor fixes)

Astrill VPN Version

  • Wireguard protocol
  • added VPN sharing and application and site filter to full OpenWeb protocol
  • added favorite/recommended groups to speedtest
  • added Chromium to browsers list
  • added speed test to tray menu
  • app UI freezes when switching from OpenWeb to other protocols or when exiting app
  • fixed DNS with multi-hop servers when not routing all traffic over VPN
  • macOS: don’t unload kext when used Uninstall option as it may crash the kernel
  • fixed Chrome browser filter on linux
  • removed Norton DNS (discontinued) and added CloudFlare DNS
  • use SI units for speed (k=1000, M=1000000)
  • updated tips

Astrill VPN Version

  • added .onion to blocked list in smart mode
  • Turn off OpenWeb DNS anonymizer when using openvpn (linux)
  • tray icon on Ubuntu unity doesn’t get updated sometimes
  • DNS issue on windows with OpenWeb
  • fixed routing loop on system resume/wifi reconnect with OpenWeb
  • when changing protocol, save settings instantly

Astrill VPN Version

  • Added NAT firewall and port forward for dedicated IPs
  • mandb fix for linux (crashing during installation on Ubuntu 18)
  • cannot select server in tray sub-menu if it was selected before and Most used on top is unchecked
  • OpenWeb client issue with TUN interface (Windows)
  • Keep VPN mode on/off persistent when switching between browser/full openweb
  • Linux DNS would not work if PC has no DNS servers on app startup
  • Remember last selected server even when app is closed non-gracefully
  • improved Smart Mode
  • redesigned servers drop down box (added favorites, recommended and search box)
  • redesigned main menu

Astrill VPN Version

  • sorting in speed test tool (All countries on the top)
  • A few countries were on the wrong continent
  • Added flag for Estonia
  • App freezes sometimes for long time when changing protocol
  • 2018-06-02
  • UI would freeze sometimes when switching protocols
  • OpenVPN: Improve connection reliability

Astrill VPN Version

  • liblsp fix man crash on Ubuntu 18.04 (linux)
  • sometimes window/dock icon is not in sync with VPN state (mac)
  • Settings panel missing OK button when using Autostart
  • minor memory leaks on Mac
  • other small fixes
  • redesigned speed test tool and improved accuracy
  • all speed units are now in Mbps (megabits per second)

Astrill VPN download old version or crack?

Free download Astrill VPN version We do not provide any crack or license key for Astrill VPN full version activation.