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General file management software for iPhone and other Apple products.

Download iFunBox for Windows PC

Safe & Secure iFunBox Free download version files. Compatible with Windows PC 7, 8.1, 10 & 11 32/64-bit OS.

iFunBox Review

iFunBox gives you so much more control over your iPhone or iPad. It’s relatively easy to set up and will make Windows users a lot more comfortable.while they’re learning the ins and outs of their iOS devices. The extra apps and other tricks it has waiting for you are just a major bonus.

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What is iFunBox?

iFunBox is a file management program for your iPhone or iPad. The program lets you view your files and app data in tiled menu instead of the traditional ios menu,so you can drag, drop and move files without the usual hands-up.You can easily transmit files and folders to your computer with the optimized file transfer and browsing.

Download iFunbox Reviews

you can download this on your iPhone ,iPad and also download iFunBox for windows 32-bit or 64-bit and mac-book. The .exe extension of the iFunBox.exe file specifies that it is a executable file for the Windows operating system like windows 10,8,7 .

Manage multimedia files

In this tool we can easily manage equipment applications, photos, music, mobile phone ringtones, video and voice memos, and multimedia files on your glance.

iOS root file system

It helps you to easily get a jailbreak iOS device root file system provides fast browsing, instant file preview, and fast file search, you can customize the Spring Board Desktop Theme.

General Storage

In this tool “my device” or “toolbox”, there is a folder called “mobile hard disk” that supports files of any type and size.

USB Tunnel

Like iPhone USB Tunnel Suite, USB Tunneling maps opening TCP ports on iDevices to PC, which allows windows program on PC connecting to them for communication.

Install iOS Apps from IPA package

It allows you install IPA packages from in-house distribution, which is produced with Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program. It also allows you install *.ipa files archieved from an App under development.

Explore Data in the App Sandbox

iOS apps store data in its sandbox for saving information like user account, chat history, saved games, in-app purchase and etc. It provides an easy way to manipulate those data to clean the track of usage, backup messages of chats, cheat games.


iFunBox-Store divided into “application store” and “game center” two modules,It will be based on your favorite games or interested in the application, for you to recommend more new, strange, special application.

There are some excellent applications may because of limit cost of advertising and promotion, it’s difficult to show in front of the public.It will find these applications, and let them show in front of the public. As long as the fun, we will dig out one by one for your iFunbox-Store has recommended applications in 34 different countries.

In the store we can use promotion code or iFunbox coupon code for the discount to take the best saving.

Is iFunbox is safe?

The .exe extension of the iFunBox.exe file specifies that it is a executable file for the Windows operating system like windows 10,8,7 . so the iFunbox is not a virus.

iFunbox Alternatives

If you are looking some thing different from this tool so iPhoneBrowser is the good iFunBox alternative that will allow the iphone user’s to re arrange and manipulate the media files. other alternatives are iExplorer ,iMazing ,phoneView.

iFunBox download old version or crack?

Free download iFunBox version . We do not provide any crack or license key for iFunBox full version activation.