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PerfMonitor 2

A Simple Monitoring Tool To Check CPU Performance.

What is PerfMonitor 2?

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A free CPU monitor for Windows that allows users to check different processor related event in a clean interface. PerfMonitor 2 is the latest version available in both 32-bit and 64-bit version which supports Windows 10. You can instantly check CPU temperature, power, frequency of up to four processes.

CPUID PerfMonitor 2 Free Download to monitor CPU temperature

What You May Like

  • You track CPU temperature, power, IA cores power, uncore power, cycles per instructions, instructions per Watt, stalled cycles ratio and Branch hit ratio.
  • Support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • A freeware lightweight utility.
  • Displays real time readings in graphical format.
  • You can download its setup or portable version.
  • Easily select which CPU event you want to monitor
  • You can save reports in text. Format.
  • You can see Multiple graphs which gives you more insight about your CPU efficiency.
  • This tool helps users who want to upgrade system hardware. They can easily analyze CPU performance after upgrade.

What You May Not Like

  • Doesn’t have alarm feature if CPU temperature gets too hot.
  • Doesn’t support old CPU models that have single core.
  • New users can find it hard to understand what it’s monitoring.