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Speed Dial 2 Download for Chrome 75.7.9
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Speed Dial 2 is a google chrome extension that makes custom lists of your favorite websites

Download Speed Dial 2 Download for Chrome for Windows PC

Safe & Secure Speed Dial 2 Download for Chrome Free download version 75.7.9 files. Compatible with Windows PC 7, 8.1, 10 & 11 32/64-bit OS.

Speed Dial 2 Download for Chrome Review

Speed Dial 2 is a google chrome extension that makes custom lists of your favorite websites instead of your new tab page and allows you for fast access to browsing history and bookmark.

So many people download Speed Dial because it replaces the new tab page with the most famous (visual bookmarks) with incredible design sync, groups, and other useful features.

Download Speed Dial 2 full version untouched, and malware-free file for 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 7, 8 & Windows 10 operating systems. Here is the single click, direct link to free Speed Dial 2 Download offline installer setup from our fast downloading server.

Speed Dial 2

Download Speed dial For Chrome

Most-Visited Websites

The most visited category lists the websites you visit most often. Each dial contains a complete list of URLs that you have seen on the site in the dial slot. Also, you can add any dial most viewed category to your speed dial.

Speed Dial 2 for chrome

Speed dial 2 is an extension so you can use this extension by right-clicking on the toolbar button and then click on the add to the speed dial from there.

you can also use speed dial on iPhone, opera browsers, and android mobiles. If you are interesting in free online course then visit this page

Groups of speed-dials

Speed Dial 2 allows grouping sites by different topics. E.g for car-related sites you can create a group called Cars, for gaming sites etc


You can synchronize your speed dials between different PC. For instance, you can also work with those sites from home and office.

Searching by speed dials

If you have too many sites, it’s not easy to locate the one you need. That’s when the feature that allows searching by speed dials comes to the rescue You just need to know is at least one single word in the site name or the first letters of the link for our smart search engine to locate it in miniseconds.

Speed Dial 2 changes the standard page to the new tab page with your recently saved bookmarks.

The Speed Dial expansion changes the standard browser tab to the latest new tab page with Visual Bookmarks.

Advantages of Speed Dial

The unique advantage of Speed Dial in comparison with the standard page is that you can add many links to the websites of your choice so you always have complete access to them. And also you can sort the icons of already added links.

Our expansion also adds the search bar. You can change the page layout in the expansion settings, you can also change the search engine used for the search bar.

Another feature is an “import and export” function your visual bookmarks will not be lost after browser or system reinstallation. This function allows you to transfer your saved bookmarks to other computers with a New Tab Page installed instead of the standard page.

Competitors/Alternatives of speed dial

if you are looking for something different or need more friendly from the speed dial you can use Diigo, pocket, toby,Qlearly, bokky, start.me for more information you can visit official site.

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Free download Speed Dial 2 Download for Chrome version 75.7.9. We do not provide any crack or license key for Speed Dial 2 Download for Chrome full version activation.