Wii U USB Helper

Wii U USB Helper
Free Download for Windows PC

A free tool to manage your Wii U and 3DS games. Backup and download from eShop servers on Windows and Android.

Download Wii U USB Helper for Windows PC

Safe & Secure Wii U USB Helper Free download version files. Compatible with Windows PC 7, 8.1, 10 & 11 32/64-bit OS.

Wii U USB Helper Review

Wii U USB Helper is a free tool which allows you to easily backup your 3DS and Wii U games. You can play them on your Wii U, 3DS or even your computer thanks to the included emulators. Wii U USB Helper (Windows edition only) is compatible various emulators including Cemu.

Wii U USB Helper free download

Simple Installation

You’ll need an internet connection if you want to download and install this application onto your system. You must also have basic computer skills when it comes to setting up new programs. The Wii U USB Helper requires you to specify various locations of where you want downloaded content to be saved and where you want the app to be installed.

Aside from that, the setup should not be too difficult for you. If you can follow simple instructions that are presented to you on the screen, then it should be easy. After the installation, a prompt window may pop up asking you to enter a link where backup content can be downloaded from.

Managing the Backup Content of 3DS and Wii U Games

Backing up the content of console game data is not a well-known concept. But it is merely no different than saving app data. You’re just storing the data onto storage media like the hard disk of a personal computer or a USB flash drive. This is different than saving data to a DVD or CD.

When you use the Wii U USB Helper app, it lets you use your computer to manage all the console games which you have already purchased. There is no piracy here, so nothing is illegally saved. The app also lets you transfer the game data straight to the Wii U or 3DS consoles. All the files and saved data is accessible through this app.

For the transfer to be successful, you have two choices. First, you can copy the saved gaming files to a compatible SD card on your computer and then manually put the card in your console to move the files there. Either that or you can have your console utilize a homebrew app which lets you transfer content straight to it from the utility. The first method is a lot easier because the second method has longer transferring times and it requires you to know how to mod your gaming console.

Use Your Personal Computer to Play Wii U Games

When you’ve downloaded backup gaming content onto your computer, it is possible to play these games right on there too. This is thanks to the Wii U Emulator which is integrated into the app. Of course, make sure you actually own the gaming titles that you download or else it is illegal to retrieve them because they contain copyrighted content.

Reliable Backup Content Management

Don’t rely on the DVD or CD versions of your 3DS or Wii U games when you want to play them on the consoles. Use their backup content instead with the help of this app. It lets you move files from your consoles to your personal computer, and vice versa. You can even download the latest titles and play them on your computer, thanks to the Wii U emulator that comes embedded into the app.


  • Enjoy up to 40x faster downloads than on a regular 3DS or Wii U!
  • Play Wii U and 3DS games directly on your computer!
  • Install GameCube games on your Wii U and play them with the GamePad!

Wii U USB Helper download old version or crack?

Free download Wii U USB Helper version We do not provide any crack or license key for Wii U USB Helper full version activation.