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Simplify the process of making calendars in Word, Excel, Doc and Spread Sheet

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Safe & Secure WinCalendar Free download version 4.4.3 files. Compatible with Windows PC 7, 8.1, 10 & 11 32/64-bit OS.

WinCalendar Review

WinCalendar is both a desktop calendar and calendar maker that creates printable calendars in native Microsoft Word and Excel formats. The calendar creator supports creating Calendars, Schedules, Agendas and Gantt Charts with a variety of layout options. You can import data from Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, iCal, TeamSnap, Excel (file or range) and CSV text file. WinCalendar is ideal for use in creating custom calendars and schedules. You can even save daily appointments in the pop-up calendar that display on created calendars.

WinCalendar Maker Menu 2020

WinCalendar is also a free pop-up calendar and date picker. It can be used as a stand-alone Windows desktop calendar or integrated with Microsoft Word and Excel. The pop-up calendar is now Free as part of WinCalendar.

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WinCalendar can also be used as a graphical fertility calculator and ovulation predictor. WinCalendar is menu (see WinCalendar menu in Word and Excel) driven so there is no template to load and manage. See WinCalendar menu within Excel & Word for Calendar Maker features.

Calendar Maker software for Microsoft Word & Excel

Create calendars in native Microsoft Word & Excel format in a variety of customizable layouts. You can create Calendars (monthly and weekly), Schedules, Agendas, Gantt Charts and Spreadsheet Tables from Calendar data. The calendar maker runs within both Microsoft Word & Excel (in MS Windows) & is fully menu driven. Below are screen shots.

The calendar maker date data can come from: Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, iCal Calendar, and spreadsheet data.

What’s New:

  • Fixed compatibility issues with recent Google Calendar updates
  • Removes dependancy on Internet Explorer
  • Fixes minor date issues with Calendar Schedule layout in Word.
  • Display Holidays for up to 17 countries
  • Display Religious (Catholic, Christian, Jewish & Muslim supported).
  • Import Microsoft Outlook Calendar & Google Calendar data.
  • Store daily apts in WinCalendar (pop up Calendar for Excel, Word & Windows).
  • Import data from Outlook, Google, Yahoo or ICAL on generated calendars!

WinCalendar download old version or crack?

Free download WinCalendar version 4.4.3. We do not provide any crack or license key for WinCalendar full version activation.