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Safe & Secure  Foxit™ PDF Reader Free download version files. Compatible with Windows PC 7, 8.1, 10 & 11 32/64-bit OS.

 Foxit™ PDF Reader Review

Foxit is a free and popular pdf editor tool available with all advanced features which let you read, edit, annotate, review, and sign PDFs in a breeze. Free Foxit pdf editor is an essential tool for your Windows pc and is also used as an alternate multilingual pdf reader. Foxit free pdf reader can grant you access to different cloud features so you can enhance functionality. 

Download Foxit without any charges easily so you will be able to use and get facilitated with all the advanced features of this connected PDF, and you can easily send and receives all the PDFs.

How to join 2 pdf files in Foxit reader?

To join two pdf files follow the instructions given below.

The easiest way to join 2 pdf is to Drag and Drop pdf files into any online combiner.

You can also reorder the files as needed by clicking the Up and Down arrows, if you want to delete tap on the trash button to delete.

The last step is to click on ‘Start Now’ to combine the PDF files.

How to enable dark mode in Foxit reader?

You can easily and quickly apply dark themes in Foxit simply by following the method given below.

By clicking on File > Skins > Dark you can find an option of skin from there you can activate or apply a dark theme. Then the appearance of Foxit will be dark.

Is Foxit Phantom PDF safe?

It’s important to know that the software which you are using is safe & secure?

Yes according to our knowledge, experience, and research we are knowable to say that the Foxit PDF reader is secure and safe to use and it is strong enough to withstand any cybersecurity attack so you should use this authentic software without any fear.

And is Foxit is free from all harmful viruses there is no malware attack.

 Foxit™ PDF Reader download old version or crack?

Free download  Foxit™ PDF Reader version We do not provide any crack or license key for  Foxit™ PDF Reader full version activation.