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OneDrive Review

 Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting and synchronization service launched in the year of 2007 by Microsoft. The main idea of OneDrive is to provide a platform on which user can store their personal data, information, or files such as pictures, documents or photos, etc. OneDrive makes you able to connect any device such as laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc with one derive letting you sync system settings and make it available from anywhere.

While using Microsoft OneDerive you can easily share files which was saved in the online cloud anywhere you want. OneDrive for PC also has the best feature of automatic backup which is reliable for your critical files.

Is one derive free?

OneDrive by  Microsoft 365 is available free of cost for all the owners or users of Microsoft accounts. On the other hand, it provides very limited storage to its users it allows only 5GB of free space. If any user wants to have more space he/she has to pay for it. Simply by paying $6.99 per month or $69.99 on an annual basis you can get access to 1TB on your cloud storage.

How to use OneDrive?

If you are a beginner and looking for some easiest steps to use one derive here you get some tips to use it.

  • Open OneDrive.
  • Confirm the address of the Microsoft account in OneDrive.
  • Then tap or click on the sign-in button.
  • After doing the above step you will be able to confirm your password and again tap on the sign-in button.
  • You can easily change the location option to specify the different folders to save different files in cloud storage(but it is optional, not necessary).

Best Way to use one derive

The best way to use OneDrive which you haven’t tried yet. you can try it to get most of it.

First of all, make a huge storage capacity than upload files having a large size, and share those files with others. You can pin the most important files at the top.

By using the method given above you can easily use OneDrive on your devices like Windows PC, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

How to Delete files from OneDrive?

You can easily delete files from OneDrive.

Select File explorer on your taskbar and from there you can go to the OneDrive folder and select the file which you wanna delete and press the delete key on your keyboard and the file will be deleted.

How to restore files from OneDrive?

If you are looking to restore the files that were lost or deleted by you in OneDrive. You can simply and easily do this after reading the para given below.

Simply select Recycle bin in the navigation pane, and select the files and folders which you wanna restore just by pointing and then clicking the circle check box that appears and then at last click on restore then files will be restored.

How to Remove OneDrive from Your Computer?

In the start-up button type Ads program in the search box then a list of programs will appear you can click Programs and Features, and from there you have to click on Microsoft OneDrive and then click on the delete option, and if you are pointed as an administrator password or confirmation, then you have to fulfill the information.

OneDrive download old version or crack?

Free download OneDrive version 21.230.1107. We do not provide any crack or license key for OneDrive full version activation.