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Advanced launcher for Minecraft to Manage Minecraft instances with ease.

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Safe & Secure Multimc Free download version files. Compatible with Windows PC 7, 8.1, 10 & 11 32/64-bit OS.

Multimc Review

MultiMC is a free, open source launcher for Minecraft. It allows you to have multiple, cleanly separated instances of Minecraft (each with their own mods, texture packs, saves, etc) and helps you manage them and their associated options with a simple and powerful interface.

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Multimc Free Download

MultiMC is a game utility for a popular sandbox creative game Minecraft. It serves the role of the advanced launcher for Minecraft that gives every player the ability to create multiple and separate instances of Minecraft, with built-in tools for managing and troubleshooting all of the active game sessions. In addition to handling stock versions of game servers, the app also has support for managing individual extensions for each active instance – including their custom mods, saves, texture packs, player numbers, and more.


  • Manage multiple instances at once
  • Start with a custom resolution
  • Change Java’s runtime options (including memory options)
  • Shows console output in a color coded window
  • Kill Minecraft easily if it crashes / freezes
  • Custom icons and groups for instances
  • Forge integration (automatic installation, version downloads, mod management)
  • Minecraft world management
  • Import and export Minecraft instances to share them with anyone
  • Supports every version of Minecraft that the vanilla launcher does

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