Epson Event Manager

Free utility from EPSON for using scanners and accessing the control panel of the EPSON Scan Utility for launching scanning apps.

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What is Epson Event Manager?

Epson Event Manager Utility is one of the applications that was designed to simplify the way you interact with your scanner by bringing some of its functions on your desktop and placing them conveniently in your system tray.

epson event manager for wf-3720 free download

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t worry too much about this application’s interference with other active processes since it minimizes itself to your system tray and lets you access it exclusively from there.

Even so, the menu is not an impressively large one, as you can notice by right-clicking the tray icon. It only displays a couple of options which enable you to either launch the event management tool or simply hide the notification icon from your tray.